Connection method of solar sensor installation

2018/4/28 0:21:01

1. electric heating wiring. The red line is the fire line, the two-color line is the grounding wire, and the other one is zero line. Peel, expose the copper wire around 2cm, and heat shrinkable tubes, for insulation and dust-proof. Then connect the power cord to the three lines, connect them tightly, and wrap them around the outside with waterproof insulating tape to avoid short circuit.

2. electric connection with the tropical zone. Cut the slant on the port of the electric belt, so that the distance between the two wires is relatively far away from the short circuit. The insulation tape is entangled to make it sufficiently insulated, and the ends of the electric tracing belt are aligned with the ends of the pipes, and the insulating tape is fixed on the official road to make them clinging to the wall. The other end is the terminal of the intelligent control device. If there is a booster pump, the connection of the pump and the electric heat tracing will be linked in parallel.